Download the Joint Doctrine

Download the Joint Doctrine

The Joint Doctrine – Edition Three  has now been published. It continues to provide a common way of working together with saving life and reducing harm at its core.

The key components of the Joint Doctrine are:

  • Principles for Joint Working – the principles we expect commanders to follow when planning a joint incident response
  • M/ETHANE – a common method for passing incident information between services and their control rooms
  • Joint Decision Model (JDM) – A common model used nationally to enable commanders to make effective decisions together

The Joint Doctrine Edition Three sets out what response staff and those that support them should do and how they should do it in a multi-agency working environment. Following JESIP will achieve the degree of interoperability that is essential to a successful joint response.

Whilst JESIP was initiated to ensure management of major incidents improved, the Joint Doctrine is scalable and the principles and models are equally relevant to day-to-day joint operations.

Last updated: Oct 2021
Download the Joint Doctrine



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