Joint Organisational Learning

What is Joint Organisational Learning?

To have a joint organisational learning strategy fully embedded nationally was one of the original objectives for JESIP and is still a key element of the JESIP Joint Doctrine: The Interoperability Framework.

The lessons identified from debriefing activities are vital to improving the way we respond to incidents. Inquests and inquiries focus heavily on previous lessons and responder organisations must be able to prove they have identified and shared learning to try to prevent future similar issues.

Issues have frequently been identified, but not successfully acted upon, to improve effective joint working. It is essential that Joint Organisational Learning (JOL) is accepted as the standard for multi-agency learning and is adopted by all responder organisations to ensure interoperability is continually improved.

JOL Online, supported by a robust process and governance, provides responder organisations with a consistent and accountable mechanism to ensure lessons identified are acted upon, to make the transition from lessons identified to lessons learned.

The Interoperability Board provides governance for the JOL arrangements. This ensures that any issues regarding interoperability are considered and acted upon by appropriate representatives from the emergency services, their respective government departments and other key stakeholders.

JOL Online is hosted on ResilienceDirect, a Cabinet Office secure system at official-sensitive  in line with government security classifications and is the national repository for interoperability, national resilience lessons and notable practice across the UK.

Access to JOL Online is accessible to all Category 1 and 2 responders as well as many additional sponsored responder organisations. 

See the JOL Supporting Documents section for further information or contact the JESIP Team.

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