Ultimately all incidents involve people; they might be the public we are serving or responders who are providing that service. To achieve our overarching aim of ‘working together, saving lives, reducing harm’, we need to put people at the centre of the incident, from planning, through to response and recovery.

JESIP models and principles have become the standard for interoperability in the UK.

JESIP is the thread that should run through all plans and subsequent incidents, and recovery from these. All incident phases need to consider multi-agency working, best served by following the JESIP principles.

The JESIP Joint Doctrine: the interoperability framework sets out a standard approach to multi-agency working, along with training and awareness products for responding organisations to train their staff.

Whilst the initial focus was on improving the response to major incidents, JESIP is scalable, so much so, the principles for joint working and models can be applied to any type of multi-agency incident.

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