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JESIP models and principles have become the standard for interoperability in the UK. The JESIP Joint Doctrine: the interoperability framework sets out a standard approach to multi-agency working, along with training and awareness products for responding organisations to train their staff.

Interoperability is defined as...
the extent to which organisations can work together coherently as a matter of routine.

Principles for joint working

The principles for joint working should be used during all phases of an incident, whether spontaneous or pre-planned and regardless of scale.
They support the development of a multi-agency response and provide structure during the response to all incidents.
The principles can also be applied during the recovery phase.


Shared situational awareness is a common understanding of the circumstances, immediate consequences and implications of the emergency, along with an appreciation of the available capabilities and the priorities of the responder organisations.

Joint Decision Model

One of the difficulties facing responders is how to bring together the available information, reconcile potentially differing priorities and then make effective decisions together.
The Joint Decision Model (JDM) was developed to resolve this issue.

What is Joint Organisational Learning?

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