Our Training Products

JESIP, working with key partners across the country, developed a number of training products to help responder organisations embed the interoperability principles. This ensures that the Joint Doctrine was, and continues to be, delivered consistently. These include:

  • JESIP Multi-agency Interoperability Training Course – a combined one-day facilitated course for Control Room staff and Commanders. The up-to-date materials for this course will be provided through ResilienceDirect and will only be available to JESIP Trainers who have attended an approved Train the Trainer Workshop. The Trainer Specification is available here.
  • JESIP awareness presentation – a short presentation to enable awareness of JESIP to be delivered to all staff.
  • E-learning – an e-learning package to improve awareness across all responder organisations.
  • Films – a number of animated films to highlight key elements of JESIP, specifically including the use of M/ETHANE.
  • Mobile application – an interactive aide memoire to ensure responders always have key JESIP information at their fingertips.

Please contact the team for further information regarding JESIP Training and Awareness.

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