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Joint Organisational Learning

What is Joint Organisational Learning? To have a joint organisational learning strategy fully embedded nationally was one of the original objectives for JESIP and is still a key element of the JESIP Joint Doctrine: The Interoperability Framework. The lessons identified from debriefing activities are vital to improving the way we respond to incidents. Inquests and…

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Learning Outcomes Framework

This framework is designed as guidance to provide responder agencies, which includes the emergency services, with the minimum learning outcomes required from any JESIP related training….

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Supporting Decision Making

…or of uncertain quality. For that reason a framework is needed, to distinguish between: Information that can be relied on with confidence Information that is unreliable in some way Information of unknown quality There are many ways in which responder agencies can assess information. If agencies use the same information…

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Why do we need JESIP?

…To address the findings, JESIP developed some key solutions: – The Joint Doctrine: The Interoperability Framework , now on it’s Third Edition. This provides the foundation for all responder organisation multi-agency working in the UK and provides a set of common models and principles to help achieve interoperability. – JOL Online…

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Responding To A CBRN(e) Event: Joint Operating Principles for the Emergency Services, First Edition

…Joint Operating Principles were developed by representatives across the emergency services at the National CBRN Centre. The Principles form a core element of the Government’s new National CBRN(e) Operational Response Framework, developed to reflect up-to-date scientific evidence to provide a rapid, flexible and scalable response to a CBRN(e) incident. Endorsed…

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…CCS Quarterly Digest CCS Quarterly Digest Downloads Reference Materials Download the Joint Doctrine Documents of Interest Incident Reports and Inquiries Archived Documents Toolkits Exercise Assurance Framework Civil Protection Lexicon Common Map Symbology JESIP Embedding Checklist Learning Outcomes Framework Templates Airwave Test M/ETHANE Completion Form Exercise Objectives Template IIMARCH Template Joint…

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JOL ONLINE has now been launched

The JESIP team are delighted and excited to announce the launch of the new Joint Organisational Learning (JOL) database – JOL ONLINE. JESIP produced a clear set of principles for joint working which are explained in detail within the Joint Doctrine: The Interoperability Framework. JOL ONLINE has been developed to…

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IIMARCH template

…to consider the following:   Brevity is important – if it is not relevant, leave it out Communicate using unambiguous language free from jargon and in terms people will understand Check that others understand and explain if necessary Consider whether an agreed information assessment tool or framework has been used…

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