Wider Responders Package

JESIP is focussed on improving how the police, fire and ambulance services work together at the scene of a major or complex incident. However, emergency response is a multi-agency activity and will usually involve collaboration with variety of other responder organisations.

Wider Responders Awareness Package

If you work in one of the many wider responder organisations in the UK, JESIP has produced a Wider Responders awareness package to help explain what impact JESIP will have.

You can:

  • View the presentation as a video with a commentary by clicking on the play button opposite (you will need speakers or headset to hear the commentary)
  • Download a copy of the presentation slides for use locally (see instructions for downloads below)

In combination with the JESIP film the awareness package is designed to provide information about JESIP specifically for Category 1 and 2 responders and appropriate partner organisations such as the military and the voluntary sector.

To download

The presentation is available in two versions of PowerPoint

Supplementary Products for other responder’s (when available)

What wider responders need to know about JESIP…

It is really important for wider responders, partner agencies and voluntary organisations to be assured that:

  • There will be no change to the level, nature and timing of engagement with the emergency services.
  • All responders will benefit from improvements in how the emergency services work together at the incident scene because of JESIP.
  • A better coordinated and more efficient command structure will make integration of the activities of wider responders easier and more beneficial for all.
  • Other responders attending the scene should be familiar with the principles for joint working including how services will more effectively establish what is happening at the scene by the use of METHANE.
  • Other responders should also be aware of the Joint Decision Model so that they can engage in this process when required.

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