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JESIP NEWS Edition 30 - OUT NOW!!!

Here is Edition 30 of JESIP NEWS!  This Christmas edition includes features on Highways England, M/ETHANE and meet the board. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!...

Wednesday 16/12/2020
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JESIP NEWS Edition 29 - OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased to share edition 29 of JESIP NEWS!  This edition is focussed on Mental Health awareness.  Thank you to all of our contributors for their articles around this important issue. ...

Tuesday 03/11/2020
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StocExpo 2021

<strong>JESIP is pleased to support the emergency planning and response conference at StocExpo 2021</strong> Many people will remember the Buncefield explosion in 2005, it was one of the incidents that...

Friday 13/11/2020
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JESIP NEWS Edition 28 - OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased to bring you edition 28 of JESIP News!!  This edition includes information on what3words, the Joint Doctrine Review and an Action Note update.    ...

Monday 07/09/2020
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JESIP NEWS Edition 27!

The latest JESIP News is now available! This edition features articles regarding the national response to COVID19. STAY SAFE!!  ...

Friday 26/06/2020
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