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JESIP NEWS Edition 32 - OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased to bring you the 32nd Edition of JESIP NEWS!!  This month includes an update on the JESIP Doctrine Review and information around the updated JESIP app....

Wednesday 28/04/2021
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The Joint Doctrine Review has now CLOSED

Thank you to those who submitted their comments, we look forward to reviewing them....

Monday 12/04/2021
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JESIP NEWS Edition 31 - OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased to bring you Edition 31 of JESIP NEWS!!  In this edtion we say thank you and a fond farwell to Roy Wilsher....

Friday 26/02/2021
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Airwave Communications Tactical Advisor Course - places available!

There are places available on the Airwave Communications Tactical Advisor Courses: 09-11 March 2021           Coventry 05-07 May 2021          ...

Wednesday 10/02/2021
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JOL Online PowerPoint

We have put together a JOL Online PowerPoint including notes to explain the structure and JOL process.  Please download and share to improve responders awareness of the need to learn from previous...

Thursday 28/01/2021
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