The NEW JESIP Training Film has now been launched

The NEW JESIP Training Film has now been launched

Published: 04th May 2018

On Friday 6th April 2018 the JESIP team have launched a new training film.

JESIP aims to ensure that the blue light services are trained and exercised to work together as effectively as possible at all levels of command in response to incidents so that as many lives as possible can be saved.

The new 16 minute training film shows how the response to an incident can be coordinated from the moment the call is received in a control room, through to responders arriving.  It focuses on delivering a coordinated multi-agency response through the application of JESIP, with each stage clearly shown.

The film also explains how such incidents can be effectively debriefed to identify any lessons and notable practice. This can then be shared on the Joint Organisational Learning platform, JOL Online – a database used to capture any learning that could improve multi-agency working.

The film centres around a staged road traffic collision involving a bus and a number of smaller vehicles, resulting in numerous trapped casualties with varying degrees of injuries.

All the staff in the film are real emergency services staff, with the casualties played by actors. There are also interviews with personnel and officers from several Category One and Two agencies.

The film includes scenes at each of the blue light service control rooms.  These scenes demonstrate how initial call information is collated and then distributed to partner agencies.

All responders are urged to make good use of this fantastic new training film.

If you have any issues or queries please let the JESIP team know on

Access the training film here.

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