JESIP release 2016 Self-Assessment Survey for Emergency Services

JESIP release 2016 Self-Assessment Survey for Emergency Services

Published: 09th Dec 2016

JESIP recently released the 2nd self-assessment survey to all contacts within the emergency services.

As part of the ongoing assurance activities reqruied by Government, the survey is designed to allow each service to review the progress they have made with embedding JESIP.

We acknowledge and recognise there is already some excellent work taking place across the country to embed and integrate JESIP in day-to-day business. The results of the survey will allow us to gain a national picture of progress ahead of the visits the JESIP team will be making to services across the country during 2017.

We are aware that many other category 1 and 2 responder agencies are also working hard to integrate JESIP. We continue our engagement with many other responder agencies via presentations at Local Resilience Forums and with direct contact with some agencies. The JESIP team is providing what support we can but sadly don’t have the capacity to visit all the organisitons involved in emergency response or have any jurisdiction over their policies & procedures!

The key things we would suggest to any organisation seeking to integrate JESIP would be to:

  • Review the Joint Doctrine and consider which of your policies & procedures (if any) it impacts on
  • Integrate JESIP where relevant and inform staff
  • Ensure staff can access relevant information / website
  • Use wider responder package to help raise awareness
  • Work with local partners to maximise joint training and exercising opportunities

If your organisation is keen to integrate JESIP, please don’t forget the wealth of information available on our website and the JESIP App of course – version two will hopefully be available before Christmas.

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