JESIP invited to The Hague

JESIP invited to The Hague

Published: 28th Jul 2015

There is a growing interest in the work JESIP has done here in the UK and so when we were invited to attend the European First Responders Innovation Managers (EFRIM) Workshop in The Hague, Carl Daniels the JESIP Deputy Senior Responsible Office was delighted to attend.

As the name suggests EFRIM brings together Emergency Responder managers from across Europe to discuss opportunities and ideas to innovate and share practice with an aim to making communities safer.

Carl says “JESIP was received extremely well at the meeting and it is fair to say that our European colleagues were impressed by the strides made in the UK in terms of developing Interoperability.”

As only the second meeting of its kind, this event has opened the door to the possibility of greater sharing of information on the learning of lessons and sharing notable practice.

You can read more about EFRIM by taking a look at their website.


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