Testing & Exercising

In order to allow operational,  command and control staff to test their knowledge and practice their skills in a safe environment, regular exercising is essential. It can be challenging to release staff from their day to day duties to be part of an exercise but it remains a crucial part of their continued professional development.

With the introduction of JESIP we want to support those who organise multi-agency exercises. We have produced an Exercise Assurance Framework to help with the planning of  a one day multi-agency live play exercise allowing multiple staff to take part. Other templats which may be useful include:

In addition we encourage all services to carry out regualr test of the current communications equipment. You can download our guidance about a Airwave standard test here.


  • Development and launch of a national exercising calendar to improve awareness of exercises taking place and encourage collaboration and joint working
  • Development and publication of an Exercise Assurance Framework document to provide services with an efficient and cost effective joint exercising process to support commanders in the application of their JESIP learning in a multi-agency environment - *complete*
  • Development and publication of a template for exercise planners to ensure any multi-agency exercise incorporates the JESIP principles, METHANE and the JDM as exercise objectives
  • Support services in ensuring robust local procedures are in place for carrying out multi-agency de-briefs following both incients and exercising to capture any learning of national signifiance (links to Joint Organisational Learning - JOL)

Who leads this workstream?

Brian Welsh, the Senior User for Fire & Rescue leads on the Testing & Exercising workstream.