Airwave Tactical Advisor Update Days Announced

There is a requirement for previously qualified Operational Communications Advisors (previously known as Airwave Tactical Advisors) to complete an update day within 18 months of course completion or at a suitable time after that period when deemed necessary.  As is the case with many other specialist capabilities, attendance of update or refresher training is required to refresh knowledge and maintain qualification.

As extracting staff from organisations is costly, there have not been significant enough changes to warrant calling Airwave advisors in for a whole day to provide an update until recently.

It has been the responsibility of individuals to keep their knowledge up to date supported by messages, documents and policy papers sent to advisors via various cascade methods depending on the sector, for example Polka for the Police community.

As it has now been some time since many attended their initial course, there is now a requirement for all Airwave advisors who qualified before 2016 to attend an update day. This is especially key as many individuals will have received their initial training as a single service input. In line with the new tri-service delivery of the Operational Communications Advisor course which is aligned to the JESIP principles, the update days will also be delivered in a tri-service format and will be aligned to JESIP.


Advisors who completed their course and qualified during 2016 will not need to attend one of the update days. It is essential for all advisors to attend one of the update days to ensure their qualification remains valid. Should an advisor not attend one of this series of update days, their qualification will no longer be valid and their details will be removed from the national database of Operational Communications Advisors.


A number of dates and locations have been identified to provide the update sessions. The update day will run from approximately 10.00-16.00, the cost per person for the update day is £80.

The range of dates and locations have been selected in order to provide as many opportunities as possible for advisors to attend. We are also hoping to secure further dates / locations in Scotland.

On any given date, should there be insufficient numbers confirmed to make the course viable, dates may be cancelled and any advisors informed accordingly.




19/20 Apr


Staffordshire Police HQ

25/26 Apr


Hertfordshire Police HQ

04 May

North Wales


09/10 May

West Mercia

West Mercia Police HQ, Hindlip

11 May

Mid/South Wales


16 May


Durham Police HQ

08 June


Derbyshire Police HQ

14/15 June


GMP Police HQ

21/22 June

Devon & Cornwall

D&C Police HQ, Exeter

27 June


Gloucestershire Police HQ

28 June


Empress State Building, London

12 July


Police Training Centre, Sulhamstead


The College of Policing administration team will be coordinating booking places on the update days, please email to make a booking (a Purchase Order will be required to confirm a place/s).

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Friday 17/03/2017