JOL Action Notes

What are JOL Action Notes?

A JOL Action Note is issued from the Interoperabilty Board to all respective responder agencies and LRFs where there is a specific recommendation to be implemented.  The Interoperabilty Board sits quarterly and is attended by national strategic leads from the emergency services and by Government departments.

JOL Action Notes may require action or are for information. Where they are for action, then the relevant JESIP Strategic Lead (emergency service and/or LRF)  has responsibility and accountability in ensuring the action is implemented across their organisation/LRF. 

When for information, the Strategic Lead has responsibility and accountability in ensuring respective staff are made aware of the relevant JOL action note.


JOL Action Notes to date

There have been 6 JOL Action Notes issued to date. 

The Action Notes are:

  • 2015-001- Relating to Police Commander Tabards for Public Order
  • 2016-001 - Relating to Police Commander Tabards at Multi-agency incidents
  • 2016-002 - Relating to Police Firearms Public Order Commanders training
  • 2017-001 - Relating to services setting up JOL Generic Mailboxes
  • 2017-002 - Relating to Prison Officer Tornado Teams training
  • 2017-003 -  Relating to National CBRN Centre IOR "REMOVE" training


You can access the JOL Action Notes through JOL Online here


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