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The Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP) was established in 2012 to address the recommendations and findings from a number of major incident reports...

Principles for joint working

Commanders arriving at the scene take too long or don’t make contact with commanders from the others services. This leads to poor information sharing, lack of communication and no joint understanding of the unfolding emergency. Learn More

JOINT decision model

The overarching aim or purpose for using the JDM is common to all those involved in emergency response. They are the words in the centre of the JDM, All commander and responder staff should remind themselves of the importance of this purpose when responding to a multi-agency incident and applying JESIP. Learn More


In the initial stages, pass information between emergency responders and Control Rooms using the METHANE mnemonic. METHANE is now the recognised common model for passing incident information between services and their control rooms. Learn More


JOL is a unique but simple way to capture lessons identified that may impact on multi-agency working and allow us to continually improve what we do. Lessons identified or notable practice may come from training, testing and exercising or incidents including a range of external sources. Learn More

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JESIP Team Secondment Opportunities

The JESIP team are recruiting for two positions:   The Police Senior User - Closing date of 26th February 2018 Click here for the Job Vacancy Click here for the Job Description Click here for the Person...
Tuesday 13/02/2018

JESIP will be at the Ambition Exhibition 2018 - Come along!

The Ambition exhibition 2018 is taking place at Olympia (Kensington) on 6th and 7th March.   The JESIP team shall be in attendance and will be delivering a presentation on the national programme of assurance...
Monday 29/01/2018

JESIP News Edition 19 - OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased to provide you with the latest copy of our JESIP News.  This edition provides you with an update of the JESIP Assurance visits which the team conducted from January through to August 2017 around the country and we also highlight...
Tuesday 19/12/2017

Upcoming Events

06 Mar
The JESIP Team have a stand at this expedition and will be providing a presentation and a JOL Workshop.  Come along and see us....
07 Mar
March 2018 Board Meeting...

Who is affected by JESIP

Emergency Services

If you work in the emergency services, click here to see how JESIP might affect you...

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Wider Responders

If you work for a response organisation and get involved in emergency response, click here to see how JESIP might affect you...

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General Public

Click here to see what the emergency services are doing to improve the response to emergencies for the UK.

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Local Resilience Forums

If you are involved in a Local Resilience Forum, click here to see how JESIP might affect you...

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If you are in the military, click here to see how JESIP might affect you...

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Voluntary Organisations

If you are involved in the voluntary sector but support the response to emergencies, click here to see how JESIP might affect you...

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The official Jesip App

About the app

The JESIP App is a living Aide Memoire!
It provides those working in emergency response with a quick way to access essential information including the JESIP Principles, Joint Decision Model, generate a METHANE report and much more.

How will it help

The JESIP App will allow many more people working in emergency response to understand and apply JESIP, improving the multi-agency response the public expect and deserve. It will help embed JESIP so its use becomes business-as-usual resulting in emergency response staff achieving the JESIP aim “working together – saving lives”.


The JESIP App is a useful tool for anyone working in emergency response, this includes those who assist and support emergency responders.


The JESIP App has been developed for both Apple and Android devices and is available FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Apple iPhone running iOS 8 or later
  • Android phone running v5.0 or later
  • A data connection / phone network is required to use some features (Data charges from your network may apply)
Click here for full system requirements